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Vision Statement

Our production infrastructure should continue to expand in order to ensure that our products exceed the expectations of the customers we are privileged to serve. ELM is committed to becoming the guiding light in terms of paper product excellence and quality.


We will reach our vision through:

- Trust and Accountability to ourselves and our clients

- Continuing to improve processes and procedures

- Providing the best Value to our clients

- Growth and development with technology

- Operating our business and lifestyles with Integrity


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to continue to provide the world with quality paper products through innovation, conformance, and commitment to our customers. Although paper product production is our technical expertise, exceeding the expectations of our customers is our mission.


Business Goals & Objectives

East Lines Manufacturing recognizes that customers have choices when it comes to the paper products they utilize, and our goal is to become the choice provider of paper products globally. ELM strives to achieve this goal through our commitment to providing quality products at an exceptional price.


Business Strategy

People are what make our business successful. From the most senior manager down to the technicians that keep our business moving, every individual has a key role to play on the Team. By employing the right person for each and every position within the organization, ELM can ensure success at every level. In addition to quality personal, ELM firmly believes in providing the right tools to support the Team. These tools consist of cutting edge equipment that undergoes regular maintenance to ensure maximum output with little waste. The culmination of a knowledgeable and dedicated team, coupled with quality equipment is the corner stone of ELM’s business strategy.

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